One to One Classes

One-to-One from my Studio or the comfort of your Home

A Pilates one-to-one will provide a more thorough understanding of the Pilates exercises form. It would be helpful for a beginner to have a one-to-one, so they can fully understand the principals of Pilates before joining a group class. I will recommend ideally 5 one-to-one sessions before joining a class. I will be able to address your specific needs for you through the session, which is impossible in a class. “Pilates with Valerie” will deliver high-quality Pilates tuition on a one-to-one at my studio or in your own home when it is convenient for you.

1:1 are ideal for students with Orthopedic issues

Why should you have a

You might not have the time to go to a Pilates class or studio.
You don’t want to pay the joining fees of a gym or you feel restricted by the gym’s timetable.
There is a lack of availability in group classes.
You feel you work better on an individual basis.
A Pilates session in your workplace, before, at lunchtime or after work can also be arranged with me.
Zoom sessions are also available.
Tailored session. (A session on a one to one basic at my studio will be tailored specifically to suit your needs, your body and maybe some orthopaedic conditions you might have. It will help you to meet your short and long term goals much quicker than in a group class.)
There is a specific area you wish to focus on.
To develop a personalised core strengthening programme to support other fitness activities.
You are recovering from injury and not yet ready to join a group class. Rehabilitation exercises can be given too.


Some feedback from our clients

Valerie is a great Pilates teacher. Her classes have been a huge help to me for maintaining my mobility, core strength and well being. A variety of exercises that are demonstrated clearly with options for all levels. Valerie makes the classes enjoyable and I cannot recommend her enough! You won’t regret trying these classes.

Valerie is a great pilates teacher

— Tracy

I didn’t exercise for years because of lots of back and neck issues, I was told by my consultant to try Pilates and recommended Valerie. She was careful to listen to my problems at the beginning and continues to do so now. She is very careful to tailor the exercises for me week by week. I love my one to one sessions with Valerie I feel safe and secure knowing she is looking after me. Would highly recommend.

I love my one to one sessions

— Emma

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